Saturday, September 19, 2009

Palm Springs

The only thing better than the pool and the sun was the Pina-Coladas and Strawberry Daiquiris!!!

For Spring Break this year we headed off to venture in the wild, wild west. Ok, it was just Palm Springs (but with all the old people with eastern accents, openly gay people walking down the streets holding hands, and Europeans who insisted on stripping down and changing in front of you at the pool- it felt a bit WILD!!) Rodney had a convention and so we all piled in the car and headed out with him. While he worked we enjoyed many hours at the beautiful pool. The flowers everywhere were gorgeous, and the weather was WONDERFUL. One night Rodney said "The weather is wonderful here, we should move here". I cracked up and said "You would die living among all of the gays here". He almost died because we were in a restaurant surrounded by them. I could have cared less. They want to make out in public, I can voice my disgust in public. We enjoyed doing a little shopping, looking at art galleries, and even seeing Michael Maloney from Extreme Makeover Home Edition. To bad the food in Palm Springs is HORRIBLE (I am not kidding, every place we ate was bland, gross, and disgusting). You would think you could find ONE restaurant with 1/2 way decent food. I can see why people in California are so skinny- I would never want to eat either!!!!! We have always enjoyed our get aways to Palm Springs, and this time was no exception- but I think I will keep my home in Texas surrounded by good food, unsnooty people, and more heterosexuals per-capita!!

Agua Caliente

While in Palm Springs we decided to take a hike on the Agua Caliente Reservation. It was a hot day, but we were ready to stretch our legs & enjoy some beautiful views.

The hike was a beautiful 2 mile hike with a 350 foot incline to the top. We enjoyed seeing all kinds of neat rocks, landscape, and even ancient hieroglyphs.

The Tahquitz Falls were beautiful. The cold water was very refreshing after the hot rocky hike. Declan enjoyed trying to climb the large rock in front of the fall. I must admit that Rodney looked pretty dang hot, too!

It was a very enjoyable day, and the views were well worth the hike in the heat!

(PS- I really love the scrapblog of these pics- check it out!!)

Back again!

After some time off to get the whole school thing down- I'M BACK!!!