Monday, April 27, 2009

Still stinking- but in a better way!

Today is Monday, the day of renewal to me. I do not know why I have these weird rules for my life (like I can only get up at a minute that is divisible by five, thus pushing my eight minute snooze button 5 times before I can get up again) but Mondays are another one of them. I can only start trying a new thing if it is on Monday. Today was my Monday for change. Last week I was very frustrated as I watched my weight go up 2 more pounds, but could not make myself do anything about it until today. And today I did. First off I got up (unfortunately I pushed the snooze button so it was 40 min later than I had hoped) and got the kids off to school. After a bit of weekend house cleaning catch up I started back on my Wii fitness quest. (It kindly reminded me that I had not check in for 12 days). After an hour of Wii training, Wii aerobics, and Wii yoga I decided to make lunch and get ready for the day. I did my usual afternoon things and then picked up the kids from school, made and ate dinner by 5:00, got Rodney out the door with Declan and Cambria for goalie lessons and took Decota to her Ballet and Jazz classes. After everyone was gone I was off to a pre-tryout cheerleading meeting. When I arrived home at 7:00 I was pleasantly surprised that the meeting had taken far less time than I thought it would have. Because it rained today and Cambria's game was canceled for her rec team and her practice was canceled for her select team, Rodney drove in right behind me. We looked at eachother and said "Lets go for a walk". Well earlier today I had gotten on Runner's World and printed off an eight week training schedule for getting back to running again. I was bummed because I knew that I would have to wait a whole 2 weeks to try it because I could not start on Tuesday, and next week I would be at camp with Cambria and would not want to start it then. Little did I know that I would have a whole hour of free time tonight. I hurried upstairs, changed, grabbed my iPOD and some water and we headed to the pond. Thirty minutes of running a minute and walking two- and I feel great. This is the first time I have actually tried to run since my surgery, and I was shocked at how awkward I felt. I could tell a limp in my run and I also felt like my leg was not strong enough to support a big stride. It was a bit awkward, and I have NO endurance, but I did it. Rodney was going to quit at 18 minutes, but I talked him into keeping it up and he also did the whole thirty minutes. It has been a big mental hurdle to get over for me to actually get out there and see how bad my endurance has gotten, but I got over it and did it, and I feel positive that I can get it back as I work to get into shape again. I feel great right now and am very optimistic that I will make sure I schedule in time to work on this 8 week plan every day. So, I do have dried sweat on my back and face, and stinky sticky arm pits, but I stink the good kind of stink!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I totally stink, both at blogging and literally. It is 11:21 am and I still am not showered. I have spent all morning catching up on 2 months or reading blogs. I have felt like I am running at a snails pace in life lately as all of the cheetahs pass me by. I can not figure out why the days continue to get faster. Why is there never enough time? I have always stunk at journal writing. If you go back to my journals of my youth you will only find about 20 entries- and they all say something along the lines of "I hate my mom and dad. They are making me pooper scoop today!" Yep, that pretty much covers my childhood. I seriously rock at journals. I have had so many things on my plate lately, I have just needed to get them done. When I wrap it up for the night at about 11:00, the last thing I have wanted to do is write about my life; instead I have chosen to lose myself in at least 45 min of TV so I can relax before bed. I really need to start getting up at 5:30 to start exercising, but I am having a hard time dragging my butt out of bed at 6:30. Well, now I am feeling a bit more on top of things, thanks to the fact that I finally have my whole calender on my Blackberry. I think it is about to overload some days. I guess right now I should be off to hit the showers, make some lunch, and then work on some business e-mails until the kids get home. Then it is on to helping the kids review for tests, drum line try outs, dance, Cambria's soccer skills night, and Declan's game near Fort Worth. Hopefully we will be home by 9:30 and I can have a bit of extra relaxing time tonight so I can get some ironing done (yuck!). I hope to be able spend a bit more time recording some of the things I want to remember, because life is flying by way to fast. But who knows, unless mom and dad make me pooper scoop I may never get to much written in this journal!