Saturday, July 14, 2012

Southern Virginia University

We went to visit SVU and meet the soccer coach. It is a beautiful, old campus that has been and is in the process of being restored. And it is small. No I really mean it, it is so small. Less than 800 people small. When we first got there I think both Rodney and I were a little taken aback by how small it actually is. And how old it is. The main classroom building still does not have air conditioning and has the old radiators for heat. They told us that the professors have to go hit on them in the winter when they start making noise. The gym has been converted from an old horse stable. The hang out is a small deli area with a tv and some games about the size of my kitchen/ living room area. The whole big tour we were anticipating lasted about 20 mins and consisted of a few buildings all steps away from each other. Several time Rodney and I just looked at each other like "What is he thinking!" Remarkably though, during that 20 mins we started to like the little school. The people were so nice, the area is so beautiful, the environment so close knit and like a family. We started to agree that we could, in fact, see Declan there. We then met up with the coach and spent about an hour and a half with him. He was a great man and was very welcoming and inviting. Basically in the end he kind of left it like, if Declan chose SVU he could be on the team, the end. He took us to the fields where we met up with a soccer player named Brandon.

Declan, Cambria and Brandon played around on the field for quite awhile. The field is near the top of a mountain surrounded by other mountains. The turf is awesome! The view is spectacular! It was also HOT and HUMID!

After we were done at the fields Brandin took Declan out with a group of college kids to go bridge jumping, where they go to this old bridge and jump off 30 ft into the water below. He had a blast meeting boys and girls, and showing them up by climbing to the top and jumping off.

That night we took Brandon out to eat at a local Italian restaurant, and then went to a yogurt place where we met more students. The more we hung out, the more Rodney and I could see Declan being very happy there. It really had that small, hometown, family feel.

The next morning we met back up with Brandon and some other players at the field and spent the next few hours watching Declan play with them as they scrimmaged a Hispanic group. It was crazy because it was so foggy for the first hour or so that you could hardly see. It was fun to see them play, and they won. Honestly, I think his club team would have beat them, but the level of play has to be Declan's decision.

It was a great little trip. Declan was very happy with how it went. Rodney and I left content to let him make the decision.

I just have to pinch myself every so often to remind myself that all this college thing is really happening and it is not just a dream.....


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